street cutlery 6

A slight error in resizing the two parts of this image means one's slightly smaller, but I don't really care. After missing two opportunities to pick up street cutlery lately, and despite not being able to photograph this actually pretty small fork in situ, it's just good to have some more street cutlery after a bit of a break.

This one was on a patch of grass in front of the nearby methodist church, and was obviously associated with a plastic food container which was lying nearby with its lid close to it. The peculiar thing is that the box and lid had been there for a couple of days, but I never noticed the spoon. It must have been in such a position that only the street light was really catching it.

As intimated a while ago I'm quite busy at present - with poetry events and friends I've been out for the last seven nights. I'll have a break tomorrow, and then a solid ten or eleven nights out.



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