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)th good /old w~ay 7-12 arrives at erbacce office

today + later this week

images of stamp poem 1-6 available

first batch of stanzas/pages from stamp poem arrives

studio getting kind of crowded

the watersons - the good old way

origins of the stamp poem

news on the stamp poem

first failed attempt at long lankin form

the shattering man physical theatre review

review of association at castlefield gallery


stamp poem further stanzas

association at castlefield gallery

jennifer mcdonald new artists blog

beginning of new poem currently without title

graham dunning's rea garden residency show

oops - in which I don't say what I mean

thoughts on a weekend away

performance in new york 14 october

about everything

jennifer mcdonald + louise woodcock at bury art gallery

more tiresome self-promotion

opening weekend of writing/exhibition/publication

art + sound art tomorrow

progress on masks and long lankin piece