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walk - dove stones reservoir and chew reservoir

improv for wet sponge, plate and voice

may through august 2018 review

new sounds - playing with a wire tray in the sink

walk - a day in chester 29 august 2018

walk: boggart hole clough + home via clayton vale, philips park + ashton canal

walk - buxton to manchester 27 august 2018

walk - when a planned walk and back ups don't happen

live vocal improvisation performance fri 24 aug

walk - gorton monastery, gorton heritage trail + fallowfield loop

walk - manchester to etherow country park

stick figure asperger's #7 - no blame

stick figure asperger's #6 - emotional regulation

walk: tracks around edale

facebook page for stick figure asperger's

improvisation - hand to mouth

improvisation - playing with water in the sink

live vocal improvisation thu 16 august

stick figure asperger's 5.1 + 5.2 going out alone

short improv from last weekend

making stick figure asperger's