partch : sing - visual poem


troylloyd said…

i'm intrigued by it, i like how you've land'd w/ Partch.

i can see this series as a great animated vidpoem, frame by frame animated, along w/ a primitive homemade soundtrack or voicesoundpo.

i've enjoy'd seeing yr recent vispo, the lithe lines have a shimmering quality,

from looking at yr comics drawing, i know you have a talent for the illustrative act of marking blank-space.

i look forward to seeing more.


Matt Dalby said…
Thanks for that. I think the quality of the lines is to do with using ink and a brush. I hadn't thought of developing these forms into vidpo or animation, but I'm now starting to get all sorts of Norman McLaren-type ideas. H'm, another future project maybe.

It's curious (and wholly unconnected to anything else), part of the reason for being so productive at present, and seeking to push myself into new areas, is this sense I've had of running out of time. Since about April I feel like I'm in a hurry.

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