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what I've been up to

noticing again

death grips in manchester

friday 28 + saturday 29 september 2012


no weightless + detached

video of dept/zimzalla performance

new posts at matt dalby journal

manchester pussy riot poetry reading

queer show 3 review

notes written before dept/zimzalla event

meat night #0

dept/zimzalla poetry + performance

new video - cover of bo diddley's who do you love

abstract comic #1

smashing time

water stories

attributed sound - visual/sound event 31 may

reflects - a song... sort of

prick - new track + video

kali - 23 minute motorik rhythm

splinter - messy noise experiment

waking - ep from electronic musik netlabel

chevassut - five tracks from osg netlabel

green - new track - replaced with valley

the other room 4th birthday

noise playlist

kha - new track

taking a break

second sight + flensing - two new noise tracks

birdsong + reduced tension (with field recording)

lights - new track

a version of marianne faithfull's truth bitter truth