circle - visual poem

I like the fact there's also a circle of condensation fogging the scanner next to the ink painted circle. I didn't realise until I'd done this that I'd cribbed the idea from this post by Troy Lloyd.



troylloyd said…
i wouldn't say "cribbed", more like grand 'ol cosmic syncronicity, our posting date is the same.

-- anyway, this goes back to the ancients, but i must say yr piece was more transcendental than mine, escaping language i mean, almost alchemic, reminding me of the gnostic doodles Philip K. Dick drew & Sonic Youth included intha lyric sheest of their Sister album.

many a time i've desired to write upon myself, i have a particular old worn white t-shirt that i handwrit w/ sharpie pen allover & wear inside-out & often i compliment the t-shirt wearing w/ additional notes written upon my arms & hands, for some reason i enjoy the unease this gives certain people, some people just laugh of course, but small children are usually most aware of the signification i'm written upon with.

oh, recently i came upon a good quote via reading Ronald Johnson "Life and Works", the passage is from Ralph Waldo Emerson:

"Every book is a quotation, and every house is a quotation out of all forest and mines and stone-quarries; and every man is a quotation from all his ancestors."

" Quotation & Originality "
Matt Dalby said…
That is a good quote. As for cribbing - well I kinda did, if unconsciously. I'd checked out your latest posts first thing when I got the feeds, and was struck by that sequence. Then later on I'd done line, the piece above, and was waiting for the ink to dry to scan it, and still had ink on the brush...

It's interesting that you pick up on something that's encoded in a number of my visual pieces, this one included. When I use a circle in this way I'm usually quoting Victor Segalen's use of small circles to punctuate his verses.

To quote from The Penguin Book of French Poetry 1820-1950, "The Stèles are based on the Chinese literary and religious tradition of the epigraph inscribed on a stone pillar, which has a round hole through which the eye of the sky may see. This object, in Oriental mysticism and ontology, is a complete and unified expression of body and soul, the ephemeral and the permanent."

I haven't written on myself for a couple of years. I have written and drawn on myself and lovers fairly extensively, using a variety of pens. One of my favourites was to go out with provocative words written on my chest and or arms - 'ugly', 'faggot', 'lost' etc.

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