sleep is bad for you

“Sleep? I don’t need sleep. Sleep is for dreamers.” I’m Not There

Confusion when my alarm woke me this morning. Fri 31-10-2008 according to the display. Fuck, I’d lost a day somewhere. It should be Thursday. Wednesday was the last day I remember. I’d slept through Thursday. Let’s see, it’s 7am, I went to bed early around 11pm on Wednesday, so I’d slept 32 hours. No, that’s crazy. I’ve got to pack, I’m off to my mother’s this weekend. No, back up. The alarm would have gone off on Thursday, and it couldn’t have reset. Unless I did it in my sleep. Fuck, I missed a whole day in work. Or I lost track of the days in the week. Or maybe I went through Thursday in a fugue state, didn’t register anything, and I only just came round now.

I actually had to check with my computer, online, and with the radio to be sure it was Thursday. This is why I don’t like sleep, you lose track of everything. And the nightmares.



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