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Far from an exhaustive list, but here's a flavour of some of what's been keeping me out of the house lately. On Friday last week (10 October) I went along with my sister and friends Helen and Gary to the Embryo night at Studio Salford, above the Kings Arms. There were a variety of performances, mainly drama and music, among which was to be Helen's short film Happy Returns. Unfortunately the DVD wouldn't play, so it couldn't be shown. A couple of the bits of drama were interesting - mainly small sections of either completed works or works in progress. The music on the whole was less than compelling.

On Monday there was the launch of Flapjack Press (formerly Mucusart) at the Briton's Protection in Manchester. There were a lot of readers, including very familiar Manchester names like Gerry Potter (aka Chloe Poems), Jackie Hagan, Dominic Berry, Rosie Garland (aka Rosie Lugosi), and Tony Walsh. As with the majority of poetry events there was some absolutely fascinating stuff, and quite a lot of meh. I really enjoyed it though, and the place did gradually fill up from initially looking quite sparse. There was also a kind of afterparty where we moved on to another venue until around 1am - a little dumb considering I had to walk home and then get up early for work.

Thursday was Freed-Up at the Green Room. I wasn't reading, though a lot of the regular people were, on the theme of Evil. The advantage of the themed night is it means that mostly the work is stuff that hasn't been performed elsewhere.

The last couple of nights I've been out with friends in town because we keep forgetting it's the weekend and town is going to be full of drunken imbeciles shouting inanities at each other..

And on... Next week kicks off with Robert Sheppard and Connor O'Callaghan reading at the Bolton Octagon (there are further poetry and prose events there 27 October, 10 November, and then next year) - although for Mancunians who can't be arsed getting on a train there's a lot more capacity at Matt & Phreds for Poets and Mash.

On Wednesday (I take a day off for university on Tuesday) Adrian Mitchell is reading at [correction] The Whitworth Art Gallery as part of the Litfest [helps when I check the ticket].

Thursday is my birthday and I can sleep in having the day off work. Unfortunately I agreed earlier in the year to do a slot at Re: Verberate's How Many Poets Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb? before they had a date. I'm reading to close to the end of the night, and still haven't sorted out a set yet - but it'll be three minutes of stuff from last semester I think - it's kind of a poetry/comedy durational record breaking attempt I think so I need to stay on-topic. As far as I'm concerned this will be my last conventional reading before moving wholly into sound poetry and other noise making.

On Friday I aim to catch Vaudeville 100 at the Green Room, which should be pretty good, and on Saturday Gary performs at Womb in the Briton's Protection. On Sunday I have voluntary work, but before that I'll catch Ross Sutherland and Tim Clare with It Looks Like You're Writing A Letter and Tony Walsh with Zeroes And Ones at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.

The following week so far is the next reading at the Octagon on Monday, on Tuesday university again, and on Wednesday if I remember to get tickets Jackie O Motherfucker, Gnod and a bunch of others at Studio Salford.

What I unfortunately won't be able to get to is the next Openned event in London - 7:15 p.m at the Foundry on the 21st October. The readers will be: Adrian Clarke, Francesca Lisette, Wanda Phipps, Anna Ticehurst, and Michael Zand. With Mike Weller (video work), and Allen Fisher (video interview, the first in a series). It's at The Foundry, 86 Great Eastern Street, EC2A 3JL, with the nearest tube being Old Street. If it's anything like The Other Room it'll be a great night and well worth making the effort for.

Understandably I'm probably going to be a little slower posting than I have been over the last six months for a week or so. I'll see you on the other side. I'll try and post links to all of this as soon as I've got some other bits and pieces out of the way.



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