the language moment

Only just booked my ticket for this - and letting you know rather late. Sorry. From the mailing:
The Language Moment is the opening event of the international Text Festival which will continue with a series of worldwide events during 2011-12.
Specifically it's tomorrow, Friday 15 April at 8pm in the Green Room, Manchester. Tickets are £9.50 and can be booked on 0161 615 0500 or online here if you can't be arsed talking to anyone. The evening features 'virtuoso vocal performance and groundbreaking sound art' from Icelandic poet Eirikur Orn Nordahl, 'baritone live art sensation' Phil Minton, Maggie O'Sullivan and 'a live collaboration between Ben Gwilliam and Philip Davenport, a sound distillation of Davenport's spreadsheet poem appeal in air.'

Correction: For those of you who don't check comments, Tony Trehy has kindly updated the paragraph below. To cope with the specific acoustics of the Green Room the soundworks will be Sarah Boothroyd and me. Thanks to Tony for that, and the link for Sarah.

There will also be specially commissioned 'soundpoem interventions' by Carol Watts, Simon Smith* and Sarah Boothroyd*.

*Can't find links for either I'm confident are definitely the same people.


Tony Trehy said…
I have changed the soundworks, to cope with the specific accoustics, so now it is Sarah Boothroyd
and you.

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