indian brass bell

Now this is very lovely.

A brass bell which is wonderfully resonant. It also has a stick you can strike it with.

We'll come to the stick shortly, but first some photos. Apologies that they're a little dark.

Two views of the bell and the beater:

A close-up of the bell:

The design on the handle:

So, that beater. You can strike the bell, then run the wooden beater around the outside of the mouth of the bell to sustain the sound. Rather like in this murky, noisy video. Where I pull gormless faces.

Since the sound's a bit shit in the video, here's a clearer audio recording. The recording has been edited - but only to cut out three rubbish attempts to sustain the sound that came between the two remaining in this recording.

I'll be playing a lot more with this.

Thanks Jen.


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