installing work for the text festival

The return of a couple of images to illustrate this.

Briefly I spent the afternoon taking the five newly created larger visual poem boxes to Bury and installing them with around a dozen of the 6cm x 6cm visual poem boxes in a rail carriage at the Transport Museum.

At the same time I had a sneak preview of some bits of the Text Festival as they come together. But there'll be no spoilers here - you'll have to come to the festival once it opens on 30 April to see for yourself.

There have been some interesting previews of the festival on Tony Trehy's blog:

A progress report giving abroad view of some elements of the festival.

Designing the exhibitions.

Excitement about the buildup.

A Ben Gwilliam piece across the upcoming and the previous Text Festival.

An update.

Helen White installing her work.

The Wonder Rooms vispo show.

Preview and photos of The Language Moment.

It was challenging for me to instal the work. Not least because I've never installed my work or anyone else's in any location. I have done two-dimensional layouts on the page or onscreen - but these are completely different.

Really I'd agreed to try something where I had no idea what I was doing. I think there may be a tweak or two to the installation before the festival opens, and there are more pieces to be installed nearby.

I'm currently working on my review of The Language Moment. It's turning out longer than I intended but I hope to have it online tonight or tomorrow.


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