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If there's one interesting thing happening in Manchester on any given evening there's bound to be another. I already told you about Jean-Luc Guionnet who's playing at St Philips in Salford as part of the Salford Concerts series from 7:30pm. Also tonight back in central Manchester from 8pm is Kraak's Fly Posters Will Not Be Prosecuted an exhibition of noughties Manchester poster art.

Kraak is at 11 Stevenson Square, Manchester, M1 1DB, behind Hula Bar. If you find Stevenson Square then to the right of Hula Bar as you face it is a wide alleyway. You walk a little way down that and to your left is a really narrow alley. Walk down there only a couple of steps and to your left again is a metal door, just as the alley opens up a little. That's the entrance to Kraak. No details on when the gallery's open until or any entrance fee. I think the exhibition may be open at other times since the facebook page says posters can be added up to 16 January - see the link above for details.

Also on at the same time if you can't face the cold is Ian MacMillan with The Verb on BBC Radio 3 which this week features an interview with John Ashbery. It starts at 9:15pm.

If you're going to either Kraak or St Philips I'm pretty sure it'll be available through BBC iPlayer. Also keep an eye out for next week's The Verb (15 January) which features Italian novel writing collective Wu Ming and musician, cartoonist and writer Peter Blegvad.
Apologies: forgot earlier - this item via The Other Room


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