creative writing m.a. finally complete

Finally the electronic version of the final project for my creative writing MA - a dissertation-equivalent sequence of poems of thirty-three pages, and a commentary of 2,700 words - has been submitted. The paper copies have also been printed and will be submitted tomorrow.

As regular readers may know the sequence of poems is called manchester and various poems from it have been published here. The sequence is not yet complete. A poem called low sun that was published here in an early draft will be completely re-written and the intended final poem in the sequence is not yet begun. I may start submitting sections of the sequence to various ezines shortly.

When I have the results of my degree I'll let you know.

Although I may find it boring in only a short time I'm glad to have some free time after spending significant amounts of time in the second half of 2009 either working on manchester or on each month's CD-R of sound poetry. I aim to take a break for a couple of weeks now, although there will be the usual posts here, and I want to sort out making last year's CD-R releases available via PayPal.

As mentioned yesterday look out for a first follow-up post to gaming + poetry by the end of the weekend, reprising my arguments, summarising the various contributions to the comments thread, and looking at areas for further thought and research.


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