homeopathy: there's nothing in it

If you're not already aware of it check out the 10:23 Campaign, Homeopathy: There's Nothing In It.

Homeopathy is the unscientific system of treating both minor and in some case major ailments with ineffective sugar-pills. In an ideal world it would just be good for laugh. Unfortunately people can delay seeking proper medical advice.

Currently Boots - the major high street pharmacy in the UK - supplies homeopathic products which could lead people to assume that there must be something in the preparations. Worse, the NHS spends £4 milllion a year on homeopathy and the government supports four homeopathic hospitals. Wasting your own money on worthless treatments is one thing, having the government waste public money on worthless treatments (and lend them an unearned air of legitimacy) is quite another matter.

Have a look at the site, sign the petition, and get involved.


Dr. Nancy Malik said…
Evidence-based modern homeopathy is the scientific revolution (fastest growing medicine in the world) in the 21st century
Matt Dalby said…
Dr. Malick, you'll forgive me if I'm sceptical of your claims. 'Evidence-based modern homeopathy' sounds like a contradiction in terms.

If you have genuine evidence from good quality randomised placebo-controlled trials that homeopathy works it's a Nobel-worthy achievement. I believe that our understanding of biology, chemistry and physics would have to be significantly re-written.

I suspect, however, that you do not have any such evidence.
Brian said…
I'm with Matt. Please direct us to the peer-reviewed scientific/medical journal articles verifying your claims.

Writing "the scientific revolution (fastest growing medicine in the world) in the 21st century" is hardly confidence-inspiring. Hyperbole is the language of promotion not of the laboratory. But show us the evidence and I'll be happy to overlook it.
Dr. Nancy Malik said…
Evidence-based scientific homeopathy is a modern nano-medicine.
There are more than 200 studies in support of homeopathy
Matt Dalby said…
Care to leave a link to any actual evidence?

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