february's other room reading

In four weeks time on Wednesday 3 February The Old Abbey on Manchester Science Park hosts The Other Room 14 with readers Rob Holloway, Holly Pester and Steven Waling. Entry is free and the readings start at 7pm.

The Old Abbey Inn is at 61 Pencroft Way, Manchester, M15 6AY. Details of this and previous readings - including videos of performances and interviews with some readers - can be found at The Other Room website.

The Other Room's recent mailing describes the poets as follows:

Rob Holloway writes in Vauxhall and teaches in Dagenham. His first book PERMIT was published by the US -based poetry collective Subpress in 2009, and a new chapbook MORTMAIN is forthcoming from Stem. From Nov 2002 to March 2004 he hosted the poetry radio show "Up for Air" on Resonance FM (http://resonancefm.com/). In 2004 he launched the poetry CD label Stem (www.stemrecordings.com).

Holly Pester (1982) is an experimental sound poet and writer undergoing practice-led research at Birkbeck College in 'Speech and the Archive in Intermedia Poetry'. Her performances texts are experiments in the sound and shape of speech, blending pre-verbal noises with semantic surrealism in an affecting investigation into language transmission. Holly’s work is published on Onedit and in City Scapes, a new anthology of London poets (Penned in the Margins) and Zimzalla object 002. Holly Pester performed at the Serpentine Poetry Marathon in October and will take part in the Bury Text Festival 2010.

Steven Waling was born in Accrington, Lancashire in 1958, and has lived in Manchester since 1980. He won the Smith/Doorstop Pamphlet Competition with his first publication, Riding Shotgun, in 1988, and also that year was a prizewinner in the Lancaster Festival Poetry Competition. He has since published four books, including Calling Myself On The Phone (Smith/Doorstop).


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