bike stolen

A generally good night tonight which I'll write about in more detail over the weekend. Yesterday I had a sneak look at some of Philip Davenport and Nicola Smith's Ghosts move about me patched with histories at the Chinese Arts Centre, followed by the opening of Super Awesome Fun Exhibition at Kraak. Tonight was the opening of Ghosts... and tomorrow I think there are a couple of things on. All of which I want to review.

After spending some time with friends at a pub in town and then deciding I really couldn't be bothered with the gig that was about to start I set off home. First stop was the bike racks on High Street/Nicholas Croft in the Northern Quarter where I'd locked my bike earlier.

It was obvious from the top of the street the bike was gone but I walked down to check. Once I was sure I phoned the police and reported it. It's a busy area with CCTV and I know the bike was stolen sometime between 5:30pm and 10pm but I don't hold out much hope of getting it back.

What slightly surprised me is that I didn't really get angry about it. Not very long ago I probably would have been shouting and kicking things and expending a lot of energy for no real purpose.

It is a massive inconvenience. It will take me around half an hour longer to get to the studio from work or home. I can't really afford to replace the bike. The distances I can travel if I want to take a day out on my own and not have to pay for public transport are vastly reduced. So I'd be justified in getting angry. But somehow I can't.

I think the failure to get angry in this case is a good thing. I increasingly feel that possessions are just stuff that ties you down. In fact I've been planning to sell a lot of my things. Although I'm not happy about the loss of the bike I think my reaction to the theft indicates I probably am ready to get rid of possessions without regret.


Anonymous said…
Bikes, alas, are transient things in the city. Hope it wasn't an expensive one.
Matt Dalby said…
The price is irrelevant really. I can't afford to replace the bike is the inconvenience.

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