walk - manchester to widnes, sun 10 feb 19

My latest walk. More than 10 and a half hours walking (over 47 km - 29 miles), mostly along the Trans Pennine Trail, from Manchester to Widnes.

In which I get wet then dry off, meet a dog with muddy paws and don't meet a dog called Beulah, then feel like I'm by the sea when I'm not and visit Spike Island.

A longer than usual account this time, over 40 minutes. I hope you enjoy.

While the walk to Widnes was slightly shorter than my round trip to Glossop last weekend, with my walk home I walked a longer distance today than any other day this year. I've only walked further in a week in one other week so far. And finally I've now walked more than double the annual UK average in the first six weeks of the year.

I'm knackered and still have to do the washing up and have a quick bath.


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