boosting the walk again

The last thing I published here was a link to my account of a walk to Stockport and back. And now I'm publishing it again.

Why? Well for one see my post 'why bother?', it's frustrating to post a lot of content with no or next to no engagement. Also, this one is kind of a change. It's much more impressionistic. A pose-poem throwing together what I see, with some things that happen, with some detail of the walk, with overheard speech and sounds, with reflections, with found text etc. in a headlong rush.

I think it's good, and it's how I plan to do future accounts. I will publish the script I produced soon, which essentially was just typing the notes I wrote.

While this is a style of writing I've used for a long time, somehow it took over seven months of consistently doing these recordings to get round to it here.

Please give it a listen, you might be pleasantly surprised.


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