walk - manchester to st helens, sat 16 feb 19

Social media mandated capsule description:
In which I encounter moss and unexpected oystercatchers, write impressionistic lists and see wanky apartment names.

Minimal self-reflection:
I feel like I'm beginning to move towards a writing style for these accounts that's closer to the poetry I was doing back in the mid-90s and have revisited since. And I think that's a good thing. Hopefully it will continue to evolve and change. Who knows, maybe some day my delivery will get better.
Anyway, enjoy. There may be another account tomorrow. Maybe.

More detail:
Back in 2107 when I wrote the first accounts of walks, though didn't record them, they were very dry. They were meant to act as guides to how to do the walk, complete with timings, but ended up not giving much impression of the walk.

When I resumed the walks in summer last year I dropped the timings and instructional elements, and I like to think it made the accounts more interesting and truer to the experience.

And now the writing is getting more impressionistic. I rather like it as a development.


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