next live vocal improvisation + other stuff

Thought I'd try promoting these live improvisations in a couple more places before they happen, including here.

I mean it's safe to assume they'll usually happen on a Friday at 7pm, as is the case this week (Fri 18 Jan), but it won't always be so.

I'm also thinking of updating my Patreon page and getting more active over there as well. Although I'd be doing this stuff anyway, it'd be nice to have more than a couple of people dropping in casually to these videos, and to the recordings of the accounts of walks I do. And maybe eventually even to be able to cover the occasional train ticket back.

Speaking of which, my next walk should be this Sunday (20 January), going to Chorley. And this time I'm going to use maps rather than directions.

Looking beyond the next few weeks, I also intend to be at both the Colour Out Of Space festival in Brighton April 26-28 and Tectonics Glasgow May 4-5, and to record reviews of each day of each festival.


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