live vocal improvisation fri 4 jan 19

A theme of this year less than a week in is things going to shit.

I went to start my stream at the appointed time on Friday, and YouTube couldn't us the webcam. Eventually I figured out the problem and started the stream. Having then completed my performance I realised the mic hadn't been working, so had to fix that issue, delete the video and start over at about 7:45, three quarters of an hour late.

Still, at least I know what to do if the same issue arises in future, and I've worked out how to start a stream from a scheduled event. None of this is very intuitive, and the help menus aren't all that.

But anyway, I got it done. Stayed tuned for more problems in my next post on today's walk to Marple Bridge. In the meantime have a listen to yesterday's live vocal improvisation, which I think sounds pretty good.


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