live vocal improv fri 11 jan 19

A shorter performance this week simply because I went in with an idea, played around with it, then wound up when the time felt right. That simple.

I like this one, though maybe that's because I know what my intentions were. I'm still actively thinking of ways to try not repeating myself as far as possible.

I don't mention it in the video, but for those who follow that kind of thing, my next long walk will be on Sunday, when I plan to walk to Hebden Bridge. Watch out for the account of the walk sometime on Sunday (13 Jan).

And for anyone waiting for more reviews, with Colour Out Of Space falling 26-28 April this year (rather than Oct/Nov) and Tectonics Glasgow the following weekend 4-5 May (and a cluster of bank holidays at the same time) I've booked my leave and plan to take in both festivals.

Anyway, back to the improv. So here I am imitating wind, a wastewater treatment works, birds (kinda) and various other natural, mechanical and made-up noises.


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