five rooms - record coming soon

Post from Patreon:

I still have a tiny amount of editing work to do on a collection of tracks recorded yesterday called five rooms.

five rooms is an exploration of physical and mental space, the confinements, biases, and occasional surprises. It presents itself as a conceptual tour of an apartment through sound, interrupted by field recording and inconclusive, unrelated anecdotes, before a small song either wrenches everything back on track or derails the whole affair.

five rooms was conceived and recorded very quickly, and is deliberately rough, with occasionally distorted recordings, minimal production, and for the tracks recorded outside lots of wind and traffic noise.

five rooms will be available in the next week as a patrons-only download. It will eventually be made available to everyone, but you can get it first through Patreon.

Track listing for five rooms:
  1. living room/study
  2. interrupt 2 : wythenshawe park
  3. bedroom
  4. boxroom
  5. non-room
  6. interrupt 1 : visual confusion
  7. bathroom
  8. kitchen : later
  9. rain turns the greens black


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