what's upcoming on stick figure asperger's

[Copied from Tapas, because damned if I'm writing all this again.]

A text-heavy post, sorry, but I thought it might be good to share what's coming up on Stick Figure Asperger's.

There are at least 19 more titles planned, some of which will need more than one part to explore fully. Those titles are:

Chemically inconvenienced - this explores substance use as a coping strategy. It will be behind a mature content filter. I'm not interested in either promoting or condemning substance use.

Anxiety and depression - my anxiety and depression may not be a result of my Asperger's, but they do seem to be intertwined.

Work - in some ways work is less stressful than social encounters because there are clearer rules and parameters.

Crowds - crowds on the other hand are much more stressful.

Walking (and other things I like) - walking has health benefits, is enjoyable, and has meditative components, Especially when you walk the kind of distances I do.

Day-to-day stresses - from things like emails, letters and bills, through to walking to work when there are lots of other people around.

Change and unpredictability - instability causes me a lot of anxiety, especially in something like work, where I already have an underlying level of anxiety.

Things I've tried to help me cope - basically the legal version of 'chemically inconvenienced', things like meditation, exercise, giving myself projects, using a diary etc.

Getting diagnosed - this will be different depending on your age, your gender and where you live. I will look at my experience, and there may be things that might help others.

Uncertainty - I should give this another title; despite it sounding similar to 'change and unpredictability' it's very different. That title is about external forces acting on me, this is about my own feelings of insecurity.

Social media - for me social media is not vastly different from meeting people in real life, and can be just as cliquey and exclusionary.

Networking and self-promotion - not something I'm good at or enjoy. Which for someone who makes art of various kinds is a serious handicap.

'Passing' as neurotypical - both a useful tool in some situations, but mostly a hinderance.

Relationships - I don't have a lot to say about this. It's hard enough making friends, let alone having relationships, which is why I've had so few.

School - school was an awful experience for a lot of reasons, many or most of which tie into the next title.

Bullying - I experienced a lot of this at school.

Fascination and beauty - fixating on things, and finding beauty even in things others might find ugly.

Carelessness - it may not seem obvious, but there's a link between this and the previous title. It's to do with curiosity and trust.

What others can do to help - a couple of people have suggested this.

There may well be other titles that get added to this list. Perhaps not topics in the same way, but more scenarios to look at in more detail. We'll see, in the meantime that list of titles should keep me busy for a couple of months or more.


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