walk - irlam through culcheth to the bridgewater canal and home

Today's walk was a follow-up to yesterday's. There I revisited a section of my 2015 circuit around the outside of the M60.

On that 2015 walk and in the planning I realised it would be a huge diversion to cross over the Irwell outside the M60 and then make my way north and eventually back east. So instead I came inside the M60 briefly between the Trafford Centre and Worsley.

So my walk yesterday established that I could cross the Irwell not too far outside the M60. Today I explored the walk north and east.

As usual there's a lot in this one, including a discussion of mental maps, unhelpful transport information, alpacas and a possible emu, pears by the A580, a sighting of a kingfisher, a reflection on punning shop names, and an encounter with football fans.

I think, I hope, this is a little more fluent than some previous accounts.


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