...menu for murmur

The final ever exhibition at Salford University's Chapman Gallery, ...menu for murmur, curated by Ben Gwilliam and Helmut Lemke open on Tuesday next week, 1 June.

The show features the work of 26 artists I can count, including both myself and Gary Fisher. It's described as a 'group exhibition of sounding objects, actions and processes', and looks like it will be amazing. There's a real variety of work there. In a sense it will be less an exhibition in the traditional sense and more (as the mailing I have puts it) 'one continuous performance'.

Some rubbish photos of my contribution being tested can be seen below. It's a mysterious, battered looking box with a wire trailing from it to an amp.

And there's a version of the sj visual poem cut in the top. Why, it's like a giant visual poem box. Only it looks more like it's been dredged out of the canal.

A rear view doesn't reveal much.

Nor does a close up of the visual poem, almost invisible here. You certainly can't see the microphone just below the hole.

My installation is one that has to be activated by visitors. There is an instruction with the finished piece. But you'll just have to go to the exhibition to find out more. Or wait for my review. But I'd recommend you go to the exhibition - there's a lot of work gone into it by Ben, Helmut, and others.

There's a private view on Saturday 5 June between 5-7pm, with performances from Matt Wand and Mick Beck, which promise to be pretty special.

I also love the arrangement of the exhibition - artists paired on large tabletop surfaces suspended from the ceiling at different heights. It promises to be a really immersive experience. I really really want to see and hear the whole thing as it unfolds. It's open from 1 June to 25 June, Monday to Friday 10am-4pm.

The participating artists are: Matt Wand, Lee Patterson, Seth Cluett, Chris Gladwin, Frans de Waard, Chop Shop, Ryu Hankil, Stan Pete, Jason Zeh, Matt Dalby, Kirsten Reese, Adolfo Guevara, Urban Maeder, G. Fisher, Hainer Woermann, Petri Kuljuntuarte, Hans Specht, Claus van Bebber, Beserker, Rob Gawthrop, Espen Jensen, Bob Levene, Henning Schweichel, Paul Haywood, Tony Trehy, Jonathan May.

For those of you who don't know the Chapman Gallery, it's on the Peel Park Campus on the Crescent.


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