predictions for the us for 2021 and beyond

Oh go on then. Predictions for the US for 2021 and beyond. With much more DB Cooper than I anticipated when I began...

2021: As Covid deaths surge over 1m, and Biden's health comes in to question, sporadic armed insurrections happen in pockets around the country. There are calls for a new election.

Several putative far-right leaders establish themselves through media attention. They include a YouTuber, a white supremacist with an OnlyFans, a nazi weeaboo, an Instagram influencer, and a QAnon proponent.

Mysterious figures thought by some to be variously grey aliens, Lovecraftian Deep Ones, government agents, Mothman, Atlanteans, or even multiple DB Coopers are seen around the country.

2022: With Kamala Harris taken over from a seriously ill Biden, and with continuing measures to tackle Covid-19 protests, uprisings, and calls to dissolve the current government continue.

DB Cooper... or possibly Dr Manhattan... or maybe it was Donald Trump manifests on Capitol Hill and sows chaos by causing everyone to speak mutually unintelligible languages. All documents now only contain the words 'All work and no play helps Jack bootstrap himself out of poverty', repeatedly.

The country descends into disorder, with competing warlords rapidly consolidating power-bases.

2023: After months of conflict two dominant forces face each other. The OnlyFans white supremacist is defeated and her army scattered, the New American Republic has its first Nazi Weeaboo leader. China threatens to invade to restore order. America appeals to its neighbours Canada and Mexico for support in challenging the threat - both countries tell America to fuck off.

DB Cooper... or Bigfoot appears again and says something about how the rapture is definitely not going to happen, and you all need to get a grip. He's ignored, but talk of the rapture leads the Nazi Weeaboo to send representatives to Israel and neighbouring countries to see if they can incite the final battle that will trigger the apocalypse. All the countries tell America to fuck off. It later emerges that amongst all this America also contacted Isis and opened channels to work together, though for very different ends.

2024: China invades and restores order very quickly, especially once they establish local grievance and restitution procedures.

After only three months of dealing with people's petty bullshit China withdraws and America devolves into chaos again.

God... or maybe DB Cooper appears again, says 'Well you screwed this one real good. You're all Atlanteans now, fuck you!' and promptly sinks the country. Everyone finds they can breathe underwater and settles into their new life quickly. The rest of the world quickly forgets them and they begin to slip into myth.

2072: The Great Timeslips hurl Atlantis/America into the distant past, both retrospectively and pre-emptively justifying dozens of conspiracy theories about ancient aliens, advanced prehistoric civilisations, the mud-flood and more. Distorted rumours and sightings of DonaldTrump/DB Cooper crop up throughout time and across the world.


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