live vocal improv fri 2 aug 19

Sorry, super late in posting this. Laziness, basically.

The improvs on Friday 2 August were timed at two, five, 10 and three minutes, 30 seconds, and one minute.

A lot went wrong, from setting up the stream incorrectly to forgetting to mute my phone, but it still came out alright.

Personally I was dissatisfied because I was aiming for a complexity that I simply can't manage with just one voice. Not to mention my lack of musical knowledge and skill.

This is something that's very familiar from when I was teaching myself to sing and starting to use extended vocal techniques, and tried to reproduce effects that groups of singers were achieving.

Enjoy the improvs.

Seriously, please give them a listen. I am so tired of throwing stuff out there only for it to gain maybe three views/listens. It's honestly exhausting to do so much work over such long periods of time to almost complete uninterest.


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