new audioboo channel for improvised vocal stuff

The biggest problems I have with making music and sound are a lack of confidence and an apparent inability to consolidate anything I learn. There's also the small matter of limited ability, but that's so apparent it's hardly worth mentioning.

However, in an attempt to address the first two, I've revived an Audioboo channel I set up some time ago to host what are primarily improvised vocal sketches.

The channel is here, and currently only has one board aside from the two default boards, Improvised vocal pieces. At the time of writing it only has one piece, but that's likely to change in the coming days and weeks - Water still & breathing black.

If you listen to the track you'll hear three elements that are likely to be characteristic of the channel generally, in each case due to the improvised and semi-improvised nature of the recordings.

First, pieces are likely to mutate as they're created. Here the refrain started out as 'water slow and breathing black', but at some point became the 'water still and breathing black' of the title.

Second, they will start out hesitantly and gradually take shape. So the tune will come into focus, the sonic ideas I want to explore with my voice will come to the fore, and the whole will otherwise become more coherent. There may also, as here, be a slight falling apart towards the end.

Third, the audio quality is likely to be pretty rough. The majority will be recorded like this, from my phone. This one is cleaner than I expect some others to be, as I anticipate recording outdoors, and in reaction to environmental sounds.

My hope is that this will increase both my confidence, and help consolidate what I know (and remind me of what I actually do know). Moving on from that, as I start to build confidence, I hope to gradually stretch out and become bolder and more experimental with my recording.

Anyway, have a listen if you fancy, if you're not totally put off then subscribe to the channel or bookmark it, and let's see where it takes me.


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