riffing bad movies

It's great fun to riff bad movies. I decided, since I'm on holiday, in lockdown, and apparently have nothing better to do, that I'd riff 1977's End of The World starring Christopher Lee (twice), Sue Lyon in a role underwritten to the point of invisibility, and a bunch of other people who either don't matter or have the charisma of a used condom floating in the canal.

I actually started watching it earlier in the day, but realised it would be entertaining to heckle it on Twitter for a casual audience, so decided to restart in the evening after my mandated walk and having dinner.

And so I took to Twitter, fired off a bunch of responses to the film, then to make life easier for people who have better things to do than follow my ramblings online for a whole evening, gathered them together with the threadreader app. Which means that you can find all 115 Tweets, from beginning to end of the movie on one handy page at this link. You're welcome.


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