walk - gorton monastery, gorton heritage trail + fallowfield loop

Today's walk was a shorter one of a little over five hours.

It was actually intended to be shorter. The plan was to walk across town to Gorton Monastery, spend some time there, then take a walk back home by a different route.

I did spend some time in the monastery, and very much enjoyed it. While I was there I was told about the Gorton Heritage Trail, which I wasn't previously familiar with.

Having looked up the trail online and downloaded the pdf guide I added it into my walk home as a little extra bonus, then took myself onto the Fallowfield Loop and made my way home that way.

In fact I walked right to the end of the Loop and came home through Chorlton past Barbakan and Unicorn.

Anyway, in case you can't make out the sole photo from today's walk in the sideways thumbnail on the track above, the full thing can be seen below. The right way up. And at a better size.


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