meow - vocal improvisation

Here's the second of the recordings from Saturday night. This time a short vocal improvisation.

After prevaricating and failing to get round to a bunch of chores I wanted to do by watching 1970s Christsploitation films, then only half-watching a livestream fundraiser marathon, I was inspired by a cat onscreen to start twiddling some bamboo and moaning.

Ten minutes of that foolery led to an attempt to focus in on some of the ideas and record them at the same time.

Hence Meow, three and a half minutes of mouth mush that you can listen to below. Or if you want to go the long way, take a trip over to my SoundCloud and check out the rest of my stuff.

I've been pretty busy with recording this summer, with 51 tracks at SoundCloud in the last three months since 4 May*.

*That's 8 accounts of walks; 2 reflective discussions; 2 film reviews; 2 reviews of poetry events/series'; 1 record review; 13 gig reviews, including two from Tectonics Glasgow; 4 songs; 1 non-improv non-music sound piece; 1 Facebook Live improvisation (there are a lot more to post - though not the full 17 that can be found at FB or YouTube); 4 improvisations recorded in Glasgow; and 13 vocal improvisations done outside of Facebook Live.


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