live vocal improv fri 17 jul 20

This week's live vocal improv now with socially-distanced quiz. Utter nonsense. Get those sounds in your earballs and the blurry visuals up in your face.

And for those who want to play along at home, the questions are:
  1. If I have 17 scones, eat three and a half, throw half a scone to the pigeons, give five away to friends, bake eight more, and then go for a walk, how much cream and jam remains?
  2. How will you die?
  3. I have an expensive telescope, what nationality am I?
  4. If Sally is taller than John, John is older than Ellie, and Ellie has every album by GSYBE, why is Graham Linehan?
  5. Which city can run fastest?
  6. Where is they?
  7. Find the cheese in this gesture.
  8. Divide salt by tree.
  9. Did the Summer?
  10. If it takes ten men three hours to dig a hole 3 metres wide by 4 metres long and two metres deep, how many statues can they throw in the sea?
Hope you enjoyed this week's drivel, and hope to see you again next week.


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