colour out of space 2019

I've just got back from Brighton where I was at the latest edition of Colour Out of Space.

I reviewed each day of the festival, and did a few short improvisations throughout the weekend, as I usually do.

The three reviews are below:

Day one includes my personal highlights Ezio Piermattei, Wild Rani, Charles Mitchener Duo, and Glands of External Secretion.

Also, I struggle with the wind outside, intrusive music from next door which briefly causes me to lose my shit, and my own technical incompetence when I forget to mute my phone alerts.

Day two includes personal highlights Harrapian Night Recordings, The Elks, Adam Bohman & Pat Thomas & Sami Pekkola & Yoni Silver, Bill Nace & Twig Harper, and Af Ursin.

Day three is where I completely lose my mind and construct a prose poem imagining an apocalyptic world. From which art might perhaps deliver us, or at least make life feel better.

Though along the way I do also review the performances, including highlights Papal Bull, Alvarius B, Chie Mukai & Richard Youngs, Natalia Beylis, Tom White & Stuart Chalmers, The Burbling Mind, Lovely Honkey, Jérôme Noetinger and Graham Lambkin & Áine O'Dwyer.

As a result of how the day three review turned out I'll post a text version of all three reviews here, on Patreon, and in pdf for on all my social media. That may not be until next week, since I'm at Tectonics Glasgow next weekend.

And to round out this post, a playlist of everything I recorded in Brighton. That includes the reviews, but they can be skipped. And aside from them there are ten short improvs and field recordings.


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