terminal cheesecake + others at islington mill sat 7 dec

Terminal Cheesecake are live at Islington Mill, Salford next Saturday, 7 December 2013.

Terminal Cheesecake, with Gnod in support play Islington Mill in a huge pre-Christmas gig.

Also on the bill are BongDie Hexen, and Raikes Parade, joined by Tranarchy, Bratan, Dream Eyes, River Slaughter (can't find a link, sorry, though let me know if you have one), Rosanne Robertson, Debbie Sharp, Aulos' First Reed (again, no link I can find, though let me know etc.), Gary Fisher, Matt Dalby, and 2 Koi Karp. With DJ sets from Lucy IronmongerChew Disco and Vulj, and visual stimulation from Khom, Woodcock and Grundstrom and Mark O'Shea (can't find a link I'm sure is the right one. Again if you know…).

Yeah, I'm in there as support on the second stage. I'll be performing a new song called 1934. With extended vocal techniques ranging from whisper through hysterical screams and subterranean mutters to volcanic roars it should be intense.

From the Facebook events page:

'Matt Dalby - via a mic, tiny amp and effects pedal -combines sound poetry with white noise and looped vocals. Dalby regularly incorporates traditional folk and blues standards into his performances. A recent rendition of "In the Pines" dissected every nuance of the lyric; by turns whispered and subdued, by turns wailed and hysterical.

An early, but slower and more restrained version of 1934 can be heard below:

More details on the gig/tickets etc. at the following links: The Quietus; Facebook.


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