not shutting up

In which strange things happen after I criticise the Chinese authorities on my tumblr journal.

I haven't posted in santiago's since I've been in China. I can post by mail, but if I include images it formats weirdly and I have to go in and edit... And I can't access blogger. Instead I've been posting my journal at

Recently I've had trouble getting images since blogger, Facebook, and lately tumblr are blocked (I can for the moment post to tumblr). As a result I wrote a post in which I talk about repression, the authorities treatment of Ai Wei Wei, surveillance, and the importance of freedom of information.

Coincidentally or otherwise while I can still post the journal I can no longer edit it. This happened within minutes of the post going up. Initially I was also unable to google the journal or my own name, but that seems to have changed.

Anyway, since I can't edit posts I can't copy the text of the two posts that seem to have caused the situation. But I can direct you to the entries for Monday 31 October 2011 at

I'd be incredibly grateful if someone were able to email me the texts of these posts so I can cut and paste them into another post to make the account here complete.

Personally I think it's nothing to worry about and just an inconvenience for me. But the gloves ARE off now, and I'm happy to be openly critical from here on in. Below is the text of an email I sent friends when I thought I may end up unable to communicate with the outside world.

Hopefully - even if I have to type them out again - I can post the journal entries here too in the next day or so. Anyway, that email:


nothing serious - but after today's first journal post while I can still post to tumblr I can no longer edit posts. I thought it was coincidental - and it might be - but I checked and not only can I no longer google the journal I can't google my name - both searches are blocked.

So I'm just letting you know I may end up unable to blog as easily. Don't know that email will be affected.

I should be ok - it's an inconvenience is all. Obviously it would be irresponsible of me to direct you to the entries on matt dalby journal for Mon 31 October that seem to be a problem so you can judge for yourself...

Have a great Halloween. Sure it'll be back to normal here in a couple of days


And that's all for now. As I say, the google searches are now restored. But I'm pissed-off and feeling quite militant after it.


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