walk - manchester-leigh-manchester sat 23 mar 19

My audio account of yesterday's walk. In which I continue making silly noises, repurpose Ye Jacobites by Name as an anti-Brexit song, get accosted by horses, and see the lights.

Re-recorded and reposted thanks to an editing flub because the SoundCloud app was being shit earlier. Specifically when I asked it to trim things it didn't.

That aside I think this sounds pretty good, I'm getting the hang of these impressionistic accounts, even if they're sometimes a little tricky to perform. Though I didn't help myself this time by originally reading out what was actually a description of a sound to be performed.

Seriously though, listen to this if you're at all interested (and I assume you are if you've clicked through to this post). I don't mean to sound like a douche, but there's a lot of work that goes into these accounts, and it'd be fucking awesome if more than like three people ever listened to them.


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