from manchester sequence - account

Quite a few posts today, and here's another one. account is the most recently completed poem in the sequence manchester being written for the final semester of my MA. Links to other poems in the sequence on santiago's dead wasp will follow later.


invaluable information at cochrane collaboration. deposit for christmas meal. automated cataloguing. in small section of construction site for new light rail depot worker cutting wood on circular bench saw. group of asian women photographing old trafford on mobile phones. laminated notice pinned to tree in car park. cash in transit incident. woman in purple coat man in black coat return to office from lunch break. audit of procedures. listen back to recordings on built-in speaker of monitor rather than better quality headphones. if pieces are audible and listenable that way they should be fine on anything. walking and eating. large 4x4 parked on pavement bumper touching small oak tree. dick witts argues for mark e smith consciously challenging conventional notions of authenticity in rock by reading words to his songs. yorkshire, trollers gill skyreholme beck appletreewick parceval hall. pay as you go mobile top-up. wooden door with decorative glass panels leaning in hedge by entrance of demolished office currently used as overspill parking on match days. global email. evidence or stfu*. ‘where do you want these boss?’ unscrew battery compartment. one way system in place at handwash service not for safety reasons but because it’s easier to clean a greater number of cars at one time.

*shut the fuck up

Update: Those links I mentioned before from the beginning of the sequence, with their position in the sequence (to be 30 poems): 2 variable, 6 float, 8 reflect, 10 pomona strand (first section) & pomona strand (rest of the poem), 18 account (this poem - it falls here chronologically), and 20 low sun (this draft will change and expand).


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