low sun - new poetry - probably part of manchester

I'm not certain yet but this is probably a small fragment of what will be a longer later section of the ongoing sequence manchester. It will almost certainly change between now and whenever I reach the point where this part, presently entitled low sun, will fall.

Update: Around nine new lines starting 'pass joggers' added later in the day.

low sun

soft boxes from thick
rain. wet road and glass
frontage mutually reflect.
evidence of harm apparently
irrelevant to government drug
policy. writing online
can lead to prolepsis*. paramedics
treat driver in car
while police redirect traffic.
written instructions in margin.
asked for passport as identification
to register with gp surgery.
not so much rootless as having
no affiliation with any
particular place. bought eight
figs. pass joggers
cyclists people fishing.
abstract forms still carnal.
visual and sound poetry
even more than text
a project of reification
translation. written list in
notebook of what sounds
recorded to save work

*via [nick currie] momus's clickopera blog discussing his reasons for giving up blogging.


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