self-published script coming soon

On social media way back at the start of April I mentioned I was planning to publish a script I wrote in 2016 called Drowners.

That book is now almost ready to go, and should be available by the end of May. Details of the price and where to get it will follow at that time.

For now here's the blurb, the cover image, and a short extract:

'Drowners constantly dreams itself into being even as it threatens to dissolve.

Language fractured to small pebbles, and inspired by physical theatre, Drowners is a middle finger to conventional structures.'

And finally as a teaser, I mentioned on social media at the same time that I also planned to publish a hybrid text called Growing More Trees for Greater Manchester some time later. That's still in the works - it's been thoroughly edited, but probably won't be published until August.

No cover image or completed blurb just yet, but I do have a tiny and possibly unrepresentative extract here:

'The same stuff. Swallowing grey. Tides crumble cliff. Cliff crumbles clouds. Clouds and tides smash and grow. Crumble again. Summer’s fragile. June. Dust and pollen dropped on ice. Walk too far it sings and cracks. Then fractures. Falls. Daylight hides what the morning knows. Cold skin, wet grass. Ghosts and mist. A stiffness.'


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