live vocal improv thu 2 may 19

What feels like a very long time ago now I decided that since I would be away in first Brighton and then Glasgow on successive weekends for Colour Out of Space and Tectonics festivals respectively I would rearrange my live vocal improvisations to fit around them.

So I did one the day before I left for Brighton, one on the day I got back, I did one today before I travel to Glasgow tomorrow (below), and I'll do one when I'm back in Manchester on Monday.

I probably should have pulled today's improv, because I was not well enough for this shit. But I did it, and got it over with fairly quickly. However it was done through a cold that set in on Tuesday and was worse on Wednesday, and believe it or not is a whole lot better today. I did a lot of sleeping yesterday (Weds), last night, and then later on today.

In fact this improv was done not long after being woken by my alarm from more much-needed sleep. Despite all of which I think this has some nice moments before it falls apart a little in the last minute.


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