more on drowners - my play available now

I made a very brief post about my play Drowners on Tuesday here, and on my Patreon page.

Drowners is a play I wrote between late December 2015 and August/September 2016, so a little over eight months. There are long and detailed posts on the process from 10 August 2016, 15 August 2016 and 25 August 2016.

It's a play that touches on themes of identity, communication, memory, perception, community/friendship/family, and the meaning and value we assign to things. It is structured through these themes; through scenes and events that mirror each other; through words and phrases that either repeat or closely echo words and phrases elsewhere in the play; and recurrent images and ideas such as water, swimming, drowning, walking, dancing, falling, music, dreams, hallucinations, and domestic settings such as kitchens.

It's a play that is aggressively non-naturalistic in its events, intended staging, speech, and actions.

Since Tuesday I've promoted Drowners pretty heavily on social media, but haven't yet had the time to share that material here on until now. That includes an audio reading of the opening of the play, a pdf of the first 13 pages including the first two scenes, and a video preview of the book.

So there we go. Check out the old posts linked above, watch the video, listen to the reading, and read the pdf. And if you think you might be interested in the play, go ahead and drop £5 over at Lulu.


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