two bank holiday weekend walks

Accounts of two bank holiday weekend walks

That's two bank holiday weekend walks of around 20km or more out of five, from Thursday evening after work to Monday. And of course the two walks I had less fun with are the only ones I took notes for.

But I think it's only the first of the accounts below where that relative unhappiness is obvious. Anyway, here are the accounts and their recycled social media clickbait descriptions.

An account of Sunday's walk in which I apologise for my misanthropy throughout, go on a fruitless search for sunscreen, mimic sounds, and read stuff on walls.

An account of yesterday (Monday)'s walk in which I struggle with noise outside, I get elliptical at times, I'm less obnoxious than in the previous account, and it all falls apart at the end.

There'll be a photo of my rough attempt at minimising noise and echo later. It's a shame I was recording these accounts on a day some people were messing with scaffolding outside. It would have been far better if I was improvising and I could incorporate the sounds.

Also, it's likely to be a few days before my next post here since I'll be in Brighton for Colour out of Space over the weekend, heading down Thursday and returning Monday.


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