avengers: endgame review, or 'nah, f**k off disney'

Last year I reviewed Avengers: Infinity War, which I was the only person on the planet to find intolerably tedious (review at the end of this post).

So out of a misguided sense of duty I felt I had to review the second part of the story this year. And I was surprised to find I didn't hate it. However, I still had issues...

Not only that, I brought it in almost 20 minutes shorter than last year's rambling review.

The tl;dr, dl?, is that while it's perfectly well constructed it's unengaging. I also got an icky feeling from America pretending to be a victim. And in light of that, and given America (and the UK's) history of colonialism and genocide, the undoing of a genocide by American heroes left a bad taste. How about decolonisation? How about reparations? How about more than token representation of women and people of colour? How about some LGBTQ+ visibility?


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