script for the walk from manchester to preston

Finally the script for the audio account of my walk from Manchester to Preston on Sunday. Plus the two instant photos I took along the way.

But first, some stats. Sunday was the longest walk I've done in a day this year (54.79 km - 34 miles). Last week was only second in terms of distance covered to 28 Jan-3 Feb (129.92 km to 130.81 km - 81.1-81.4 miles). March was easily my biggest month at 543.42 km (337 miles). And by the end of Sunday I'd covered 1499.85 km so far this year (931 miles).

And last, totally unconnected, some things I have planned in the immediate, medium and long term:

Tonight or tomorrow I'll make my record five rooms freely available.

In a matter of weeks I'll self-publish a script from 2016 called Drowners.

And in a matter of months I plan rescue a hybrid fiction called Growing More Trees for Greater Manchester from a publisher's in-tray where it's been since late 2017 and get round to self-publishing it.


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