doctor strange review now available to everyone

After a week available only to Patreon supporters, Richard Barrett's review of the recent Marvel movie Doctor Strange is now available to everyone.

The review is the third programme in the new series of santiago's dead media podcasts. The series supports the main show, santiago's dead waspcast, an arts and culture discussion programme.

The first series of santiago's dead media launches on Monday 2 January 2017.

Coming back to santiago's dead media, the next programmes are my spontaneous essay Evening by the Mersey recorded in situ near Wythenshawe about a month ago, and Richard Barrett's review of Vera Dika's study of New York art and film The (Moving) Pictures Generation.

Evening by the Mersey will be published for everyone on Monday 28 November, and for patrons only on Monday next week (21 November). The review of The (Moving) Pictures Generation will be published for everyone on Monday 12 December, and a week earlier (Monday 5 December) for Patreon supporters.

The final programme of the year has yet to be determined, but will publish on Boxing Day, the same day the first santiago's dead waspcast previews for patrons.

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