mornings 160/366 sat 19 sep 15

Shaky. But I have just recklessly ordered a mobile phone handset with a camera at the same resolution as the one I lost. So not only will I have a phone that's smoother to use than the £30 thing I got as a temporary measure, but I'll be able to take and upload the photos more easily again. And without any drop in quality.

The reason the camcorder photos have a tendency to shake without a tripod is that to take a photo one-handed you're having to stretch your index finger a long way over the top, which is already causing your hand to twist. To take a photo two-handed you have to hold the camera steady with one hand, and press down with the other.

I could use my tripod, but it takes time to set up, and then take down again. the whole point of these photos is that they're snatched as part of the morning routine. They're not meant to be especially good.

A cameraphone is easier because I tend to hold it lightly with two hands, and take the photo using the button on the touch screen. Less pressure's required, the camera's held more steadily, and the button's more conveniently placed.

So somewhere around next Saturday, or possibly earlier, it'll be back to photos similar to the first few months. Albeit with progressively declining light.


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