Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Two poems + a short explanation

These poems are for you BB, I hope you like them.

Just a snapshot.

the kindness is abstract, the way I've been feeling distilled from a stream-of-conciousness that ran to a couple of pages.

embolism is more concrete, what I saw and felt on a day wandering through town, with some reflections from the same stream-of-conciousness drawn in. I could tell you exactly where I was and broadly at what time when I wrote each bit, but it doesn't matter. I considered a number of titles; 'chemical/clinical', 'rice flour', 'the boy who lost', 'pleural space', but none of them fitted as well.

I just woke up and couldn't find myself, I wasn't in.


Anonymous said...

i hope it's some kind of deliberate attempt at irony that this shit:

is being advertised on your site.
or maybe it's done without your knowledge or consent.

matt dalby said...

Wasn't honestly aware that anything other than blogger was being advertised. Is this a pop-up or what? I'll look into it later and see if the snake-oil merchants can't be sent packing. Thanks for the headsup.