live vocal improvisation performances now shared to youtube

I've now found a (subscription) tool that allows me to share my Facebook Live videos to YouTube.

That means that those of you who might want to see those performances but who don't use Facebook can now see them on a different corporate behemoth.

The playlist can be found here. At present there are five videos, but for those of you in the future there may be more.

And the most recent video at the time of writing is from yesterday, in which I exhaust myself in pursuit of the theme 'running out of ideas, running out of breath'.

So now, roughly each week, when I do one of these performances I'll be able to share it on Facebook, YouTube and here. I'll also aim to have it on SoundCloud, but for the first three I simply didn't think of audio recording, and yesterday I made a proper hash of it.

I am currently looking to see if there are any tools that allow me to transfer SoundCloud files to YouTube easily so that my reviews and ad-hoc performances can also appear across platforms.

A way to easily transfer the audio from FB or YT videos to SoundCloud would also be handy, even though I'm guessing the quality will be pretty low.


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