tectonics glasgow 2018

Wow. I'm sorry for the long delay since my last update. I'm now about to make up for it with a flurry of posts tonight.

I might get into why the long delay later, but that's for another time. For now I've recently started feeling happier, more motivated, and a we bit more organised and determined.

One of the things that kicked that off was earlier in the year arranging to head to the Tectonics Festival in Glasgow for the first time since 2014.

A week or so before it started I decided I'd also do some reviews of each day. So I did, and I also found myself starting to record vocal improvisations again.

Then when I got back I wanted to continue creating improvisations (of which more in a later post) and to review more gigs. That meant that I had to start going to more gigs. Which meant I had to start checking Facebook, my emails, and a couple of websites I knew for upcoming events.

But that's getting ahead of myself. For anyone who hasn't already seen them on Facebook or Twitter, here are the Tectonics Glasgow reviews:

And if that isn't enough for you, here are the field recordings and vocal improvisations I created in Glasgow:


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